It begins with OATS


FACT: The best days begin with a giant bowl of oats.

If you were to scroll through my Instagram page (@itsfuntoeat) you would notice that a large proportion of my posts are of bowls of oats.


  1. They make a yummy meal
  2. They make a filling meal
  3. They make a nutritious meal
  4. They make a cheap meal
  5. They make an aesthetically pleasing meal (if you’re into fruit arranging)

It is likely that you’ve heard of the terms ‘complex carb’ or ‘slow-releasing carb’. Oats are a source of carbohydrate formed by long chains of sugar molecules which take the body time to digest to use as energy, hence the label ‘slow-releasing carb’. Additionally, oats are high in dietary fiber (11g of dietary fiber in every 100g of oats) meaning they will keep you fuller for longer and also help move food along through the digestive system- a plus for anyone…

Not only are they nutritionally dense, oats can be bought in bulk and pretty cheap, making them even more attractive for a student like me. I buy mine from my :

You can either use rolled oats:

or instant oats:

They can also be found in any supermarket in the cereals aisle.

I typically use around 60g in a bowl of oats so a kilo bag for less than £3.50 provides over 15 breakfasts! Compare that to a box of cereal which usually costs between £2-£3, is not nutritionally dense, will not keep you full and I’d like to see you stretch a box of cereal to 15 portions!

While my oats are cooking on the stove I choose a couple of fruits and cut them up ready to be placed on top. This is where you can have fun with arranging them, or just chuck them on top- they’ll be eaten either way! I also like to add some nuts and seeds to mine for a bit of crunch, and then some dark chocolate or peanut butter and I’m sorted until lunch.

If you like oats, what toppings do you like to use?

If you’ve never made them, I’ve included the method for how I like mine below:

You will need:

40-60g oats

Water or milk (I like to use almond milk or coconut milk)

A large tablespoon of Greek yoghurt (I like to use 0% Fage)


Sweetner eg. Honey, stevia (I like to use Sukrin Gold- a gold sugar substitute)

Toppings (eg. Banana, berries, sunflower seeds, walnut, pecans, peanut butter, dark chocolate)


  • Add the oats to a small pot and enough of your chosen liquid to cover the oats completely
  • Stir the mixture while on medium heat
  • When the mixture begins to thicken turn the heat down and continue to stir
  • Once cooked through to your preferred consistency switch off the heat, add the yoghurt, cinnamon and sweetner and stir into the mixture
  • I add the nuts here too and stir them into the mixture
  • Transfer the oats to a bowl and add your toppings
  • Snap a pic if they are Instagram-worthy (and tag me @itsfuntoeat so I can see them!) or just wolf them down